Fate intervenes

After the tragic passing of their respective spouses to cancer, Lucille and Keith were on their own for the first time in many years. Lucille was apprehensive about travelling alone, but she took the leap and in the spring of 2016, went on the WestWorld Tours Victoria Solo tour. Meanwhile, Keith was originally scheduled to travel elsewhere, but fate intervened: An unexpected change in his plans led him to book the same Victoria tour.

Immediate Attraction

Confederation Bridge, PEIThere was an immediate attraction between Lucille and Keith, and tour director, Debbie MacRae, saw sparks fly right away. As they journeyed from destination to destination, the couple got to know each other. The passengers on the motorcoach were moved around daily to different seats so they could mingle while enjoying the many views. By the end of their vacation, the couple had exchanged contact information and planned to keep in touch.

Over the summer, the friendship turned into love; and, toward the end of the season Lucille and Keith talked about marriage and shopped for rings.

The Marriage Proposal Tour

In September 2016, they went on the WestWorld Tours Maritimes Fly & Coach tour [LINK}. Lucille and Keith stayed in separate rooms. They arrived in Ottawa on September 11 and that evening after supper, Keith presented Lucille with the ring. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Of course, the answer was yes! The engagement tour to the Maritimes was truly unforgettable.

So many sights were enjoyed while travelling through Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. “We loved seeing the old buildings and the cobblestone streets in Quebec City,” commented Lucille. “Quebec City, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Peggy’s Cove were our favourite destinations.”

A Family Record Found

Cabot Trail, NSTheir visit to Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was another memorable moment. Pier 21 was an ocean liner terminal and immigration shed from 1928 to 1971, and is the last surviving seaport immigration facility in Canada. Visitors can search the ship arrival database to find their relatives. Lucille found the record of her mother’s arrival to Canada in 1928. Her mother was just eight years old when she travelled from Poland to Canada with her mother, father, and siblings. Lucille received a copy of the record and a photo of the ship.

Lucille felt that the tour directors, Pat Larocque and Debbie MacRae, went above and beyond by surprising Keith and Lucille with a congratulatory bottle of champagne. Pat announced on the motorcoach that Lucille and Keith were engaged and the group gave them a round of applause.

Lucille and Keith have not set a date for their wedding. They are still basking in the glow of their new found love and happiness.