By: Don and Norma Millard  

As we sat on the deck of the Ava Maria, enjoying the glorious sunshine and breathtaking coastal views, the smell of the salty sea air awakened our senses. It was a pleasure being on board the private yacht cruise, enjoying the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. The weather was fantastic, so we decided to jump off the back of the yacht for a morning swim. It was delightful! The buoyant blue waters of the Adriatic Sea were relaxing – one of our favourite things to do. There were many other memorable moments. 

One of the narrow alley ways
f​​ound at Split in Croatia

On our visit to Split we felt like we were on a movie set. The narrow alley ways and cobblestone streets were mysterious and intriguing. It gave us an appreciation for old and new European architecture. The people were so welcoming and friendly and, the hotel we stayed in at Split had a great roof top bar for a little refreshment. 

Travelling to beautiful Croatia helped make our 35th wedding anniversary year more memorable. Making the most of every moment, meeting some of the local vendors, sampling the delicious cuisine - a combination of Italian, Greek and Croatian, and touring two wineries - one renowned for their tasty truffles.  

Exploring every place, we learned about the history and culture of the region. At Livade, we travelled along the steep cobblestone streets to a cathedral where a traditional Croatian wedding was being held. What an amazing sneak peek into their cultural traditions. 

While in Vis, Don befriended some locals. When he saved their drowning dog, who had jumped off the dock and could not swim, he was rewarded with a cool Radler beer. 

Walking on the boardwalks at Plitvice Lakes National Park the scenery was spectacular. The iridescent blue lakes and waterfalls were stunning.  

From the Dubrovnik walls there were incredible views. The towering walls extended around the city and featured views of orange tiled roofs, limestone streets, churches and fountains. Exhibits, street vendors and quaint cafes found along the way. Amalia, one of the local artisans, showed us her colourful handcrafted embroidery. 

It sounds cliché wishing we could have stayed longer - it went by so fast. This wonderful celebration resulted in good friends and stories to tell for years to come. This was our first trip with WestWorld Tours, and we would definitely travel with them again. Our WestWorld Tours guide, Koral, bus driver Vlady, and bus tour guide, Alen, were so organized, personable and knowledgeable. We had the time of our lives!