Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Is.

  • June 2 – 13, 2019
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Mount Robson
Ksan Historical Village and Museum
North Pacific Cannery Village Museum
Naikoon Provincial Park including Blow Hole, Agate Beach and North Beach
The Balanced Rock
Haida Heritage Centre
Old Massett
2 Lunches
Haida Feast – Skidegate
Farewell Dinner

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Haida Gwaii Tour

Haida Gwaii Tour

Senior Tour Director Koral Carpentier tells us about WestWorld Tours' Haida Gwaii tour.

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“Overall Tour - highest rating We also give the highest possible rating to: The Tour Director for her unfailing cheerfulness, great energy & being fully prepared with current information about all aspects of our tour eg the Skeena River never gives up its dead. We are personally very organized people & really appreciate this trait in others. Some tour guides we have encountered have been very good with people but weaker administratively so that it was a great pleasure to have someone who ranks so highly in all areas of the position. Our Driver also gets highest possible rating for his constant cheerfulness, sense of humor and truly excellent driving skills. It was great to have a very new coach and the driver and guide worked well together to keep coach clean & tidy. The local facilitator made the Islands part of the trip! She is also very energetic, organized and has a vast knowledge of Islands' culture, geogrpahy, flora & fauna. All Haida Gwaii attractions were very good to excellent. Also good to have some free time to explore on our own. We personally enjoyed some great meals - lunch of salmon & sea asparagus quiche at Queen Bee's, halibut & desserts at Howler's & Chinese food at J&T's. Tour provided meals were also excellent. BC Ferries - very good, Farewell Dinner - excellent, Prince Rupert Museum of Northern BC EXCELLENT. Whole tour was great experience so we really can't single out a highlight.We would certainly recommend tour to others and feel we had value for the money. ”

Gil & Marjorie Joanis - Saskatoon, SK

“The highlights for me was the Heida Feast dinner and the companionship between the passengers. A fun trip & we even learned a few things,we were always kept busy - flowers - trees - wildlife watching, peoples of the Islands customs and unique carvings.”

Lydia Morrison - Regina. SK

“The number one point for me on this tour was the excellent way in which things were explained & all the little side stories that went with the explanation. Our tour director and the local guides were all very good at doing this.”

Dorman & Norma Hutchinson - Watrous

“What an excellent tour guide, she was always cheerful & helpful, fully in control of all situations on the bus, very good at giving out information and getting passengers to know each other.”

Jerry & Kay Dixon - Sintaluta, SK

“I found our guide to be well informed, enthusiastic and organized. Definitely an asset to WestWorld Tours!”

Marjorie Allen - Vernon, BC

“(This) was my fourth WestWorld Tour! Loved it all!”

Victoria Gillies - Regina, SK

“This (Haida Gwaii) is my 4th trip with WestWorld Tours and I have been extremely pleased with each of the tours. The three different tour directors I have had are all exceptional.”

Marlene Nickel, Saskatoon, SK

“All the fellow travellers were great & fun to be with. This was made even more special by the driver and guide. Best driver and best tour guide in the whole world. I hope to do more trips with WestWorld Tours.”

Raj Downe - Nelson, BC

“YES!!! (I would recommend to friends) this is a trip to a unique setting, a very different world that should be seen by all.”

J Whiting - Pilot Butte

“This is our 3rd WestWorld Tour and the best yet!”

Lynn Manners - Lloydminster, AB

“This tour was beyond all my expectations. ”

Jack Saacson - Victoria, BC

“Very rugged experience & most enjoyable learning about a new culture of First Nations People. They are a very caring people and love their land. We have a new appreciation for totem poles now that we learned about them. ”

Jack & Elaine Wilson - Moose Jaw, SK

“You fulfilled another "Bucket List" choice. Thanks you! I wished to go there since the med 50's. Indeed you did & more (did we give you value?)”

Cecile Curran - Regina, SK

“I liked the Haida feast - really enjoyed the information on their culture, would like an opportunity to hear more, would recommend this tour!”

Bev Marsh - Minton, SK - 2016

“Another enjoyable and informative trip with WestWorld Tours. 8th trip with hopefully many more to come. We especially enjoy the trips within Canada and USA.”

John and Anne Nyffenegger - Saskatoon, SK - 2016

“There were so many interesting and historical attractions to see on the Haida Gwaii tour that it was hard to choose just one highlight. The Ksan Historical Village and Museum, the Haida Heritage Centre, and the traditional Haida feast gave us a good understanding and appreciation of the Haida culture. Outdoor attractions such as the Golden Spruce Trail and Mushroom Forest were great for exploring the natural wonders and beauty of the islands!”

Nina Morey - Saskatoon, SK - 2016

“It's a trip not to be missed!”

Sonia Tunstead - Winnipeg, MB - 2017